Hello! I am Anders, CEO of Protobrand. My career in market research started in sixth grade when I conducted my first survey. I can’t remember what the topic of the survey was but in retrospect, I have come to realize that I have always been curious about what people think and feel.


At Protobrand I have led the development of our highly acclaimed Meta4 Insight platform. If you don’t know what Meta4 Insight is, I would recommend that you contact me and I’ll give you a quick demonstration. 


Before joining Protobrand I was a professor of marketing. My academic research focuses on people’s brand relationships. You can find my academic contributions in journals such as Journal of Macromarketing, Consumption, Markets, and Culture and International Marketing Review. I received my Ph.D. in marketing from Lund University. 

Protobrand is an independent research and branding consultancy that offers a unique perspective on emotional insight mining. Through Meta4 Insight – our online application for metaphor elicitation – we mine the human psyche and uncover the rich, hidden motivations behind people’s behavior. With such insight as a foundation, we craft strategic and creative solutions that result in emotionally resonant brand relationships. 

When I was 13 I read Freud's "Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious." To my dismay, it really wasn't very funny. It did, however, propel me on a journey that I'm still following today: to understand why people do what they do and say what they say.

I was certain that I would become a pipe-smoking psychoanalyst, but when I went to UC Berkeley, and realized that Freud had based his entire approach on nine people, I sought other avenues of understanding. I worked in the neuropsychiatry department at UCLA slicing brains, exposed myself to low-level radiation doing radioimmunoassays at Cal, and worked with alcoholic war veterans in Stanford's psych department.

After graduation from Berkeley with a degree in psychology, I was invited to a party at Daniel Kahneman's house in the hills above the Claremont Hotel. There were delightful finger sandwiches over which he and I chatted about one of his research ideas. He was interested in exploring why someone might eat egg salad sandwiches everyday for lunch for 20 years, and then one day switch to tuna for the next 20. At first I thought, here is a pretty good argument against tenure. Later I began to consider the "egg/tuna inquiry," and realized that penetrating such a seemingly minor decision was at the root of what makes people fascinating.

I am a Tuck alum, having graduated in 1991 with an MBA (sorry Dr. Freud). And, I adore both tuna and egg salad sandwiches. Mixed together is even better than apart.