Drive the success of your new product, ad, design or basic concept with behavioral science based tools that allow you to go beyond "go or no go" results.  Powerful, descriptive output provides you with actionable insights to optimize your ideas at every stage of the process.  From simple stimuli to in-progress animatics and final concepts, your research should be able to provide you with the insights needed to make better, more informed decisions.
Greater Understanding for Better Optimization
Identify.  Strategize.  Repeat.
Dive beneath surface level responses and elicit deeper, emotional associations that drive in-market success.  Likert scales and other explicit tools fail to accurately assess the viability of a new concept, and when it comes to your business, accuracy is not optional.  Identify the non-conscious thoughts and emotions that explain the why behind concept performance to inform your strategy and optimize your concept for success.
Powerful Tools for Powerful Insights
The technology that powers our research leverages behavioral science techniques to elicit natural, emotional responses from consumers that are more predictive of actual behavioral and benchmarks them against a database of normative scores.  Bringing this and other techniques like facial coding and eye tracking together provides a complete report of key metrics that empower you to make confident decisions. 
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