Broader research objectives oftentimes require a more custom approach and design.  Working closely and collaboratively with our client partners, we create research programs that are steeped in the culture and language of their business and allow us to explore the mind of the consumer for emotional associations and beliefs in order to unearth decisive insights.
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Examine Behavior with a System 1 Lens
Traditional research methods examine rational thought processes, however , consumers often act irrationally.  Protobrand uses behavioral science based research techniques to tap into non-conscious thoughts and emotions and capture the "why" behind human behavior, uncovering true drivers and barriers and providing depth and richness of insights.
Uncover Human Truths
Dive deep into the mind and culture of your consumers to reveal the emotional identity of your brand and that of your target segments.  Stretch your brand by identifying unmet category needs and reveal opportunities to differentiate and innovate.  
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