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Our services are powered by Meta4 Insight® our proprietary market research platform purpose-built to capture System 1 insights through a range of measurement tools.
Our methodologies rejuvenate quantitative research
Metaphor Elicitation
Your target audience has a unique story to tell, and we're great listeners.
Response Latency
There's truth hidden in speed, and our implicit association testing will find it.
Eye Tracking
Understand the visual impact of stimuli to indentify strategic design elements.
Facial Coding
Facial gestures allude emotional reactions, and we can't be bluffed.
Metaphor Elicitation:
uncover emotional benefits and experiences
At its core, visual metaphor elicitation captures the nonverbal thoughts and feelings that drive behavior. This technique activates new channels of communication to enable individuals to better express themselves. Our high-tech version of this classic methodology yields the same rich verbal qualitative data, but is facilitated online so we can scale our output for larger sample sizes, and is quantifiable with the use of AI-enhanced text analytics software. The result is an on output that captures the unaided, unfiltered voice of the consumer in a concise and meaningful manner while maintaining an understanding of each individual’s life context.
Metaphor elicitation responses are captured through open-response text questions or video capture. Video responses net more in-depth responses and help bring the sample to life for key stakeholders hoping better understand their customers.
Quantified themes
Accomplished and deserving individuals
40 %
“Many doctors drive Mercedes because they are symbols of luxury and class. Mercedes is a status symbol that many people strive to attain. Doctors have worked hard and deserve to drive nice cars.”
Value joy and happiness
“This shows the perfect feelings of happiness, intrigue and perfection that this vehicle will bring about. It is premium and high quality in its workmanship.”
30 %
20 %
10 %
0 %
Response Latency:
measure implicit associations
Traditional online surveys yield highly rational responses, susceptible to individuals that might second-guess their own decisions or revert to socially-constructed norms: Do I really '7-Completely Agree' or am I more of a '6-Somewhat Agree'? To undercut these moments of uncertainty and understand the non-rational connections that individuals make, we employ response latency testing that measures both the frequency and speed of every association. The result is an analysis of the nonconscious, gut-reactions that individuals have towards brands, products, and ideas.
Implicit association plot
Slower Response
Faster Response
100 %
50 %
- 300
- 600
0 %
Frequency Selected
Facial Coding:
track true emotions
It's impossible to completely mask our facial reactions— the small ticks and gestures that reveal our emotions are always present, if only slightly. We've partnered with Affectiva and incorporated their emotion recognition software to enable the capture and measurement of these facial gestures while viewers are exposed to various stimuli, or responding to open-ended questions. We then quantify the emotional reactions and triangulate the findings with other data points to understand exactly what a smile means in response to your ad concept, or why joy is the most common reaction to videos of puppies (though, we already know the answer).
Key emotional reactions
Surprised by the high quality offering in the advertisement
“I was shocked that the entire cruise in the ad was so inexpensive. It’s hard to believe that all that fun can cost so little! Like finding treasure.”
If a whole picture is worth a thousand words, then what about the elements within that image that actually grab our attention? Our eye tracking capabilities enable the rapid deployment and testing of any visual stimuli without the need for expensive labs or fancy goggles. The output of this testing exceeds simple gaze and fixation mapping when combined with metaphor elicitation insights to uncover why specific areas of interest in visual stimuli evoke certain emotions. This unique combination of eye tracking with System 1 measurements identifies graphical areas of importance even before the respondent’s brain is able to process such a response. The net result is a scalable eye-tracking protocol to capture where and why an individual’s gaze shifts, and how specific visual elements can evoke an emotional reaction.
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