If you’ve ever been bogged down in your own scale-heavy quantitative survey design, frustrated with lackluster data from open-end response questions or simply overwhelmed by qualitative research analysis, then you’ve found yourself in the right place. Through applying our proprietary System 1 research approach to open-end response questions, we are able to yield richer quality data and responses from more engaged respondents to uncover a deeper understanding of the subconscious mind compared to traditional System 2 survey questions. Leveraging System 1 behavioral economics techniques in market research allows for the efficient analysis of open-ends while simultaneously being able to uncover a deeper, richer story to be used in complement of your more standard traditional quantitative research measures.

Ditch the Likert scale and open your hearts to open end responses. Leverage System 1 research in your next brand tracker, segmentation project, concept, packaging, or communications test, and more.


By downloading our recent case study, you will…

  • Be taken through a case study directly comparing the results from a traditional open-end to a System 1 open-end

  • Understand the advantages of applying a System 1 approach to open-ends

  • Discover how a System 1 rejuvenates open-ends to yield a deeper understanding and more actionable insights

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