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My year in review at Protobrand…follow those red pants!

Updated: May 16, 2019

Written by Peter Costa.

It was only fitting that I celebrated my first-year anniversary at Protobrand right back where it all started, in Chicago at the IIEX Behavior Summit. My first day on the job wasn’t at the office getting my new laptop or setting up my desk space, but rather front and center among the conference attendees, representing my new company in a pair of… bright cherry red pants. That’s right, we’re not rocking the classic blazer and blue jeans or standard issue conference suit. Nope, that’ not us…this is us:

So, what have I learned this past year, aside from my hidden affinity for bright colored clothing?

Whether you know it as behavioral science, non-conscious measurements, or System 1 insights, these methods that were once on the fringes of the market research community are now at the forefront and are the most sought-after research techniques and initiatives.

I first noted a clear shift while at the CRC conference a few weeks ahead of the IIEX event- an event typically dominated by and for corporate researchers alike. You didn’t have to look further than the opening keynote speaker, Jeanine Bassett, Vice President of Global Insights at General Mills, who presented “The Power of a Playbook” to understand this shift. One of Jeanine’s key foundations in refining General Mills research approach was optimizing their research partners of choice, ensuring that they were up to speed with System 1 insight capabilities.

It didn’t stop there, some of the most prominent global marketers, researchers, and insights professionals were all touching on the importance of understanding human behaviors on a deeper level by identifying their underlying emotional drivers and intrinsic motivators, known as their human truths.

The second I witnessed what the Protobrand team was doing and how they were doing it, my gut told me instantly that this is cool, this is smart, and I knew I liked it. I didn’t immediately know what it was of course, but that’s the point. We’re irrational beings and trying to understand people based solely on rating scales, isn’t natural.

In effect, I was applying the same automatic, intuitive, and emotional decision making, that truly drives our decisions. In I find myself working with a brilliant team, with the leading technology powered System1 insight capabilities, and possessing a newfound forward thinking fashion sense.

Life is bliss!



Protobrand is a technology-powered market research and branding consultancy committed to advancing how the world uncovers human truths. Through our proprietary survey software, Meta4 Insight®, we rejuvenate traditional quantitative research with deep-seated System 1 insights.


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