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Protobrand Takes a Stand Against Big Tobacco

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Thursday, May 9, 2019

In 2018, Protobrand cut ties with big tobacco and e-cigarette companies, choosing to no longer provide market research services to such firms. As more and more corporate companies begin to explore ways to gather consumer insights through innovative market research firms, Protobrand has chosen to set an example for others in the research industry.

Protobrand serves a variety of firms as a major

asset, providing full-service market research capabilities to promote brands using behavioral science-powered methodologies. With this ability, Protobrand has the corporate responsibility to quit big tobacco. Among other research, marketing, and advertising agencies, Protobrand has joined the QuitBigTobacco movement, a campaign supported by Vital Strategies of New York, alongside longtime client CVS Health.

About Protobrand:

Protobrand is a technology-powered market research and branding consultancy committed to advancing how the world uncovers human truths. Through our proprietary survey software, Meta4 Insight®, we rejuvenate traditional quantitative research with deep-seated System 1 insights.

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