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Welcome to the Team: Abigail Sullivan

Meet our new Marketing and Events Associate, Abigail Sullivan!

What’s your alma mater?

I’m working on my undergrad degree at Bentley University. My major is Managerial Economics, and I have a concentration in Information Design and Corporate Communications.

Why Protobrand?

I became fascinated with startup culture this past year, after taking an accelerated information technology course, and human behavior in organizations course at Bentley. Both classes analyzed how workplace culture is changing rapidly with growing tech. Protobrand is fast-paced- there’s always something to do!

What animal are you and why?

I would say I’m a whale. Not only have whales been my favorite animals forever, but they use sound in a creative and unique way, unlike any other animal. They seek deep awareness and are known to be reflective creatures. Above all else, I’m a creative person. I try my best to use different art mediums in unique ways and am constantly looking back on how my art style has changed.

Do you have any goals for the upcoming year?

I’m eager to build on my photography skills this year (and take more photos at Protobrand events). I’m also working on learning more about Adobe tools!

We are thrilled to introduce more of our team members in the coming weeks, stay tuned for more updates. Check out our last article, featuring our newest market research team member, Lakshmi Ravichandran!

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