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Our Commitment to Data Protection

Protobrand is a technology-powered market research and branding consultancy committed to advancing how the world uncovers human truths. Through our proprietary survey software, Meta4 Insight®, we rejuvenate traditional quantitative research with deep-seated System 1 insights. We work with leading global brands across industries to uncover decisive insights that propel brands to unparalleled success.

Visitors to Our Website:

Protobrand collects visitor data to analyze traffic on our site. This information helps us understand how to help you better.


When you sign up for the Protobrand mailing list or access any content using your email address, we store your information (including your name and email address) and may add you to a third-party mailing application where you can confirm your preference to receive Protobrand updates and resources. You can unsubscribe from this list any time via a link at the bottom the emails we send.


When you visit, a short text file called a cookie is downloaded to your computer. A cookie is used to store very small amounts of information. You can toggle your browser settings to block cookies or notify before they are placed.


Information collected on our website (name, email address, cookies, tracking pixels and related technologies) may be used by Protobrand and specifically approved third parties to target advertising on other sites based on your users' online activity.


Participants Involved in A Protobrand Or Meta4 Insight Market Research Study

Depending on the type of research that we are conducting, Protobrand may collect the following information for market research analysis, and analyze it in conjunction with our partners listed below:


  • Text Information- Self-reported data is the backbone of our research as it allows us to better understand the thoughts, emotions, and preferences of consumers. This type of data input includes, but is not limited to, scale type questions, text-based open responses, and numeric and alphanumeric inputs of any type. Access to this data is given to our research team to analyze and report to our external clients. This data can be removed from our system at any time by submitting a request below.

  • Face Videos - These videos are used to better understand the emotions and type of consumer that we are interested in researching. These videos are needed to improve our science by building new classifiers and to give emotion data to our customers. Access to this data is given to our research team to analyze and report to our external clients. In addition to our internal research team, the data may be shared with our external partners Tobii Pro, Realeyes, Voxpopme or Affectiva for further processing and product innovation. This data can be removed from our system at any time by submitting a request below.

  • Browser Information- We use anonymous market research panels to source participants for our studies. Thus, we only collect necessary browser specific information such as IP Addresses, browser/device type, browser language, and other similar sources of information to confirm the individuality and humanity of our research participants. This data can be removed from our system at any time by submitting a request below.


Survey data will be deleted upon request, or every 2 calendar years on the 31st day of December, beginning on 31, December 2019.


If you do not agree with the information in this privacy policy, please do not complete any of our market research surveys or utilize the content on or our website in any fashion.


Contact Us Regarding Complaints Inquiries, or Questions pertaining To Your Data or This Policy



Data Protection Officer


560 Harrison Avenue, Suite 404

Boston, MA 02118



If your complaint is not resolved after following the recourse mechanisms described above, you may have the ability to invoke binding arbitration (please see below under Resolution of Complaints).


To Have Your Data Removed

It is your right to access, correct, or delete their personal data at any time. Protobrand will comply with all such requests within 48-72 unless extenuating circumstances prevail. You have the right to have some or all of your data removed upon your request. Following the initiation of contact, Protobrand will confirm the types of personal data that we have stored associated with your identity. Protobrand and other third parties will never publicly disclose your research data and associated information counter to the policies set forth in this document unless you have provided express written consent.


Marketing data:

  1. To opt out of targeted ads by Protobrand, click the blue square on our advertisements.

  2. To opt out of targeted advertising in general, follow this link.

  3. To have all of your data removed from our marketing applications, please send an email with the subject “URGENT: DELETE MY DATA” to Please include your full first and last name in addition to your email address in your request.


Responses to Law Enforcement Agencies or Legal Claims

Protobrand may be required to disclose personal information in response to a lawful request by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements

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