If a picture is worth one thousand words, then how about a video? Tapping into the System 1 mind provides a deeper level understanding of the thoughts and emotions that guide consumer decision making. Traditional quantitative metrics and open-end responses often yield flat, action-less data en masse. By approaching open response questions with a focus on System 1 using Meta4 Insight®, Protobrand’s proprietary research software, an opportunity is available to examine the non-conscious mind at scale, using the latest in video data collection technology that’s simple to use and provides a rich output.
Video based System 1 open response questions are able to elicit 6x the length and 65% more emotional activations than traditional open end questions. These questions types bring the consumer to life by including video artifacts with the standard voice to text output. Validated by consumers as easy to complete and seen as being a more pleasant survey experience, these video based question types are a perfect channel to leverage visual metaphor elicitation to yield deeper level emotional responses. Visual metaphor elicitation is rooted in the fact that much of our decision making is left to our non-conscious mind, something that is often hard to tap into in research, however, this technique grants us the access to that true emotional feeling and intent.
The PDF version of the presentation includes embedded videos, please click the video icons to launch the recordings.
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